Paralympics winner Franziska Liebhardt gives a breathtaking talk about her sporting success, her handicap and her personal motivation to be successful in achieving anything.

Sports halls and stadiums: these are places where Franziska was often to be found. After her sporting successes, Franziska Liebhardt, who won the gold medal in the shot put at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio and took silver in the long jump with her handicap, can be found at the European School Frankfurt in the European Hours, among other places, where she shares her impressive story. You might be wondering now how it all came about? Carina Neupert, who is a three-time world champion in Ju-Jutsu, is a physical education teacher at ESF and teaches on the topic of "Paralympics- "Yes you Can" as part of the European Hours.

No one could be more supportive than Franzi, a multiple organ transplant who suffered a stroke as a result of her multiple transplants, which made her eligible to participate in Para-sports. She fought her way through with an iron will and achieved the unbelievable: Gold in Rio in the shot put.

This story is simply too fabulous not to share: In lessons that build on each other several times, the children learn more about people with disabilities in everyday life and what makes Paralympic sport so fascinating.

A very important project to give the children access to the topic of disability, to build up an understanding that every human being is equal and that a disability does not justify using swear words like "you spastic or you disabled". The topics of inclusion, consideration and respect for people with disabilities become more tangible and understandable for the children.

Franzi spares no effort to come to the school several times, even from Würzburg, 130 km away, in order to do justice to each group in the P5.

But not only that: In cooperation with Carina Neupert and Margaret Murphy, the entire P3 was also able to listen to the exciting lecture in the auditorium and, of course, ask questions. At the end of the day, all the children were allowed to look at the venerable medals as well as the mascots. Afterwards, each child received a signed and personal autograph card.

We are happy to announce that Carina Neupert and Franziska Liebhardt will continue this project in the third week of the EuroKids holiday camps during the summer holidays. Together they will offer a camp on the topic of: Paralympics „Yes You Can.“ All further information under this link: PARALYMPICS „YES YOU CAN!“

A big thank you goes first and foremost, of course, to Franzi who has made this project so lively.