The ESF talk at the ECB main building on 24 October examines the facts and fiction surrounding first drug experiences

The European School Frankfurt (ESF) and the Parents’ Association invite parents to a talk focusing on “The highs of youth and substance abuse – the facts and the fiction surrounding first drug experiences” on Wednesday, 24 October at 18:00 in the Cinema room (C5.02) of the ECB main building.

The speaker is Ms Stephanie Köster, a graduate of Social Sciences, who has worked for many years with young people in the field of substance abuse and its prevention. For the last six years, she has worked for the Fachstelle Prävention, Frankfurt, presenting workshops for both students and parents.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Current information about the consumption of drugs by the youth of Frankfurt
  • The attraction of drugs for young people and why young people have such a keen interest in trying drugs
  • How parents can guide their children to prevent this curiosity from becoming an addiction
  • How parents can initiate effective discussions and reach a meaningful understanding within their family

The focus is on practical advice to help parents become more effective in their role of guiding their children in the right direction. You can ask questions during the talk and afterwards over drinks and finger food.

If you and/or your partner would like to attend this event, please register by Friday, 19 October.

The presentation, hosted by HR, is one of the initiatives launched during the Respect week (22 to 26 October), which is organised at the ESF secondary school by the school’s counselling team.

Ms Minna Laatu, Deputy Head of the Secondary Cycle, Ms Michelle Ehrler and Ms Kyriaki Chatzivassiliadou, Respect Week Coordinators, Ms Delphine Braun, President of the Parents’ Association and Ms Christine Haralambous, Board Member of the Parents’ Association, will be present at this event.

Registration details

If you need a visitor parking space, please include your licence plate details in the registration list. Partners of ECB staff or non-ECB parents of ESF secondary pupils can also contact the Staff Info Point (tel: 069 1344 7154, to be registered. External visitors are reminded to bring their passport or ID and allow some time for the security check at the ECB’s Visitor Entrance (Sonnemannstrasse 20).