Rules for parents to observe and discuss with their children


Morning trip to school

Parents are responsible for supervising their children until they get on the bus in the morning. They must be at the bus stop sufficiently early – five minutes before the scheduled departure. For safety reasons and to enable the punctual departure of the bus, parents are not allowed to board the bus. The driver or the attendant on the bus will ensure that children take their seat and buckle their seat belts.

Afternoon return trip

In the afternoons parents are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for their child to be picked up from the bus stop. Once they have left the bus, pupils are no longer monitored by the driver or attendant and from that moment on, their parents are responsible for their safety. The person responsible for picking up the children must be at the agreed bus stop sufficiently early. Children will not be allowed to leave the bus at any other stop other than the one originally given, unless requested by the parents in writing. In case a child is not picked up, the driver/the EuroKids Office will contact the responsible person; if no one can be reached, the driver will bring the child back to the school. However, if the bus is not scheduled to return to the European School, the child will be taken to the final destination of the bus. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the EuroKids school bus service for more details.

Safety check list to discuss with your child(ren)

  • While waiting for the bus, stay on the pavement and keep your eyes on the traffic around you.
  • Listen carefully and follow any instructions given to you by the attendants, driver and other staff.
  • Where necessary, the attendant will guide you to a seat, and help you with your school bag and help/ask you to buckle your seat belt.
  • Always stay seated on the bus with your seat belts fastened
  • Be especially careful when getting on and off the bus and watch out for other pupils.
  • Sharp or pointed objects such as knives are forbidden on the bus. Keep anything that might roll away (balls, marbles, etc.) in your bag. Check the school rules!
  • Eating and drinking, including chewing gum, is not allowed on the bus. Exceptions may be permitted by the driver. Have your breakfast/snack before you leave home/school.
  • Do not spread rubbish on the bus
  • Keep your favourite belongings at home or if you have them on the bus, keep them in your bag so that you don’t leave them behind.
  • Pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones on the bus and are also not allowed to take photos or videos of other pupils while they are on the bus, even with their agreement.

In case of problems or remarks with the school bus, parents can address EuroKids ( directly who will verify the information and take the necessary measures within a reasonable time frame.

In case of problems or remarks with the mini bus, parents can address Köhler-Transfer ( directly who will verify the information and take the necessary measures within a reasonable time frame.

Rules for pupils to observe on the bus

Safety measures

When waiting at the bus stop

  • Ćhildren should stay safely on the pavement with their belongings
  • Children should not play around.
  • Children should be ready to board the bus with all their belongings.

When boarding the bus

  • Children should board the bus, sit down as quickly as possible and fasten their seat belt.
  • The driver or the attendant will help if required.

Seat belts

  • Children should remain seated with seat belts fastened at all times.
  • Children should not leave their seat until they have reached their destination and the bus has come to a complete stop.


  • Children should remember to pick up all their belongings before leaving the bus.
  • When the buses arrive at school in the morning, pre-primary and primary 1 & 2 children will be escorted to their classrooms.
  • All other children will proceed to the gate and their respective classes.


  • Children must behave sensibly and considerately whilst on the bus.
  • Children must show respect for the vehicle and the other passengers.
  • Children must follow any instructions given by the attendant and the driver.

If children do not observe the safety measures, disturb other pupils or damage or soil the bus, EuroKids reserves the right to allocate children a specific seat on the bus for the rest of the journey and their parents will be informed of unruly behaviour immediately.

EuroKids reserves the right to take disciplinary action when pupils using the transport service are responsible for incidents endangering the safety of the other children, the driver, the attendant or any other persons, or damaging or soiling the transport vehicles.