Our after-school programme is split between Childminding and Afternoon Activities. These services are only available to children of Parents’ Association members.

Afternoon Activities are offered for all students of pre-primary, primary and secondary school. A variety of courses is available, from music to dance and from creativity to sports and extra language lessons.

Children can be registered for Afternoon Activities even when they are not registered for Childminding. However: Children who are in Childminding before their courses will be directed (not escorted!) to their activities by the Childminders and are taken care of before and after the courses. Parents whose children are only registered for Afternoon Activities need to make sure their children will be directed to the different locations and will be picked up after the courses. Please register separately for childminding.

Please register using the Afternoon Activities 2017/18 menu item. A registration is valid for the whole school year. It can be cancelled before the deadlines stated in the Afternoon Activities Rules menu item.

All children must be registered again for all activities at the beginning of each new school year. Children who were already registered for the first trimester do not need to be registered again for the second and third trimesters. A registration can be done at any time during the school year when places are available and the teacher agrees. All applications received before the deadline stated in the Afternoon Activities Rules will treated equally, after that it is "first come, first served".