Sommerfest ESF 2017

We have earned the fabulous weather! (Photos are on the website for logged-in members)

After many years of alternating weather and the 2016 thunderstorm, we had a stable weather forecast this time, so we were able to set up everything outside on Friday for the first time in years. Moving the heavy tables and benches in the secondary canteen for the food stands required 2 hours of full muskel use and good planning together with 4 pupils from the S6 with the caretakers - thanks a lot for the help.

Anna Skrzypczynska, Tanja Kuhn Werner and Dorothee Sevet helped us on Friday with the small but important preparations such as signposting, garbage bags, laying our programs pavilion inscription and much more. Thanks to you too!

Saturday morning there was still a lot to prepare. At this point, we would like to thank the few who have responded to our call for help: Michael and Leonard Hofmann (father and son), Jens Milde, Fabrice Quack (all fathers), Wendy Robertet with daughter, Renata Baum (sports instructor) and Todor Kisov, a father whose children will be at our school only from September 2017, has asked if he can help.

Organizers and their helpers from 18 (!) Nations have again agreed to prepare food stands. The decorations and the dishes are more varied and beautiful every year! Many thanks to all involved - we are dependent on your commitment to the success of the party. Unfortunately, apart from the S4 Charity Club and the S6 BAC Committee, only the S2 DEA Class has registered with its very professional popcorn stand. No other classes were there - we thought that was a pity!

Thanks to Mrs. Kenny, Mr. Fox, and the primary choir children who dedicated their song to Mr. Fischböck and Gabriella Jacobsen, who will unfortunately leave school in July. The parents' association said goodbye on the stage.

Again the music team has put together an impressive 1.5 hour program, directed by Mrs. Brady, Mr. Mohr and Mr. Betancourt. Thanks to this great team and to all the students willing to present their work at the summer festival. Lothar Juli (father) has been supporting us for sound and light in the Aula for many years. Thank you very much!

The Video Clip Dance kids made their first appearance at the summer festival this year, led by Silvia Cucek. Afterwards, five groups of ballet course girls showed us what they learned from Tamara Schneider. Many thanks to the pupils and the helping parents. Outside in the food area, the Chordjacks have once again thrilled everyone. Chris Giannakopoulos (father) as a band member has drummed them up again for the performance at our party.

The results of the soccer tournament:

P1-P2 Tournament: 1st place P2FR, 2nd place P2DEB, 3rd place P1DEB .

P3 Tournament: 1st place P3DEA, 2nd place P3ENA, 3rd place P3IT.

P4/P5 Tournament: 1st place P5FR, 2nd place P4ENB, 3rd place P5DEA.

The following teams will be engraved on the challenge cups for the basketball tournament:

Group 1: 1st place the S5 team, 2nd place S3 EU team, 3rd place S4 team.

Group 2: 1st place S6 team, 2nd place Parents Team, 3rd place S7 team.

Thank you to Sabine Henninger, Stefan Plendl and Rado Misic for organising the tournament!


A great Thank you to everybody in the team – our Hausmeisters, Admir Pllana, Michael Nagel, Matthias Kappes und José Claramunt, 9 security staff, 44 Childminding employees, Frank Lehmann and Thomas Fender (Menuepartner), Mike Sievert (helper for the last five years) and especially Klaudia Mager (Afternoon Activities Coordinator) for her again untiring dedication at all fronts before, during and after the party, and Felix Walderdorff, master of lists, mails, plans and tickets.


We, the Parents’ Association, had a great day and we wish you all relaxing holidays.

Insa Jung for the PA Sommerfest team