The PA has the pleasure to announce the registration for the school bus service 2017/18. The registration deadline is 09 July 2017. After this date and if there are any, only the remaining free seats of the lines confirmed for 2017/18 will remain for sale. So be quick and do not miss the opportunity of a smooth, safe, stress-free solution for your children… and yourself!


Please note that those of you who drop off smaller children at the crêche in Dantestraße, there are two very convenient bus stops, Senckenbergmuseum and Bockenheimer Warte, just a few steps from the crêche.

And finally - those of you who want to register the afternoon bus only for one or two days per week, can do so at reduced rates.

Happy children, ready for their school day

As reported by the school direction, the children arriving with the school bus are wearing large smiles and are much more relaxed than children coming with their parents in their private cars. They are on time and in a much different mindset, fully ready for their school day. They clearly avoided their parents' stress because of the traffic lights/jams, the car in front driving too slow, the car not starting, dad or mum under pressure because of their first meeting in the early morning etc.

“The bus saves me nearly 1.5h every morning”

That’s what a parent spontaneously reported. Even from the city centre, you need to allow for a good half hour to get to the ESF parking lot, then a few minutes – more for PPs – to drop off your little or big one before you drive back. The bus saves you that usually unpleasant time, especially when it comes to finding a place on the car park. ESF staff collects the youngest ones (PPs and P1s) and escorts them to their classrooms.

A growing success

The current school bus germinated five years ago and started with one line from Sachsenhausen to the ESF, only in the morning. About 30 children were the happy users and explorers of the brand new ESF PA school bus system. This year, more than six times more children are commuting every day in the morning with 5 lines from FRA-City, and more than 140 children use the afternoon buses. Want to be part of the success next year? Register before June 30, 2016!

Safe access to the school

More than 500 individual cars are TRYING to access the ESF car park every day, which is more than saturated. The situation is often critical in the morning and crossing the parking lot can prove sometimes dangerous for children coming with individual cars. You must remember that the ESF population has been growing and will grow further in the next years, but the parking is not! Opt now for THE smooth, environmentally friendly and secure solution for your children and yourself! The school bus has its own dedicated lane on the parking lot. The bus users are exiting directly on the school’s walkway and the youngest (PPs and P1s) are collected and escorted to their classrooms by ESF staff. Adults also accompany the youngest pupils from their classroom or afternoon Childminding to the afternoon bus.

Drivers specialised with school buses

The company, Urberacher Omnibusbetriebe Emil H. Lang GmbH, claims a long experience with school buses and has already been operating a number of daily connections for schools and gymnasiums in Frankfurt before running the ESF service for the past years. The drivers are specially trained and experienced with pupils and students, which contributed to the success.

!! Only 99€/month !!

Averaged over 10 school months, this service costs you only 99€/Child/direction. All prices and routes are detailed on the PA website. Reductions apply for round trip (-100€) and for 3-and-more-children families (-10%). When you only book afternoon trips for one or two days a week, the rate will be lower.

2017/18, a growing and denser service, closer to your needs

Despite the absence of external financial support, the Parents Association managed to introduce the 17:30h afternoon departure in the 2016/17 the school year, in answer to the continued and growing demand. An evident sign of success for the service and of its benefits to the parents and the children.

On registration closure, the PA will review the registrations status and will confirm the connections which will open in September. Only the sustainable lines as per actual registrations on 09/07/2017 will be confirmed.

Afternoon shifts, “I can’t select the return time yet”

Once an afternoon line is opened, three return times are operated. The first shift leaves after Primary school end (15:20 Monday-Thursday, 13:10 on Friday) the second one is connected to Secondary school end (16:20 Monday-Friday), and the third leaves to accommodate parents working (17:30 Monday-Friday). We understand that parents may not necessarily be in a position to know now which times are suitable for them because school timetables for 2017/18 are not yet known or because they do not know yet about the afternoon activities that their children may or may not attend. In this case, parents are invited to provide the best estimate. The return time can be adjusted at any time per email once the ESF timetables are known and once the Childminding and afternoon activities are confirmed. Later changes are also possible.